Quick Witted Coconut

The Notebook Collection

Our notebooks are made with high quality paper. The interior is made from 60# offset / 90 gsm paper making them great for a wide range of note taking pens including fountain pens. They have 96 pages with lines approximately 8mm apart. They measure approximately 5 x 8 inches / 12.7 x 20.32 cm (near A5) and have a matte cover finish.

  • Premium Soft Matte Covers
  • 60# offset / 90 gsm paper
  • Brand: Quick Witted Coconut

Each of our notebook creations is carefully considered and only our favourite designs make it through to the final round of production.

There are over 100 exciting notebook designs to choose from and on the way. To view our full range use the links on this page and find your online retailer.